Hello and thank you.

Thank you.  This started out as a problem that turned into, what I think is a great opportunity.  I am currently a bartender in one of Syracuse’s finer restaurants and as such I wanted to feature more locally produced spirits on our cocktail menu and in general.  The problem was that I couldn’t find any way to know who our NYS distillers are.  Some have a website, some don’t.  Some are represented by wholesalers, some are not.  Some are quite sizeable, but most are not. It is great to know that all of you are out there, but it is very inconvenient when trying to learn about or buy your products.

My solution then was to go find you.  So I started intense web searches, word of mouth inquiry, reading industry magazines and coming to visit.  However, I figured if I was going to do this, that it would almost be a waste if I was the only one with all that information.  Sure, I’d have a bar stocked with amazing, hard-to-find spirits, but if nobody knew about them, they still wouldn’t sell and it would all be for naught.

So here is my attempt at putting all of the information that I can acquire in one place and to do it in a professional, tasteful manner.  This way, I have my “database” so to speak, but the rest of the world will have access to it also.

Additionally, if I was going to just put up a bunch of statistics, production notes and products, that wouldn’t be very exciting and nobody would visit the site.  To that, I will add blog posts – mainly about you the producers – but also about the histories of your products, cocktail knowledge, complimentary locally made products, and other topics I see fit.  As a bonus to me, I get a platform to carry on being a booze-nerd.

Thank you in advance.


Michael Rann

PS.  This introductory post will be taken down once this site is live and it is no longer relevant. For now, its just me saying hi.